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When a recent study by cosmetic surgery clinic asked 1000 men and women to pick the celebrity they thought had the perfect figure, there were no surprises when Kim Kardashian and David Beckham came out top. Kim Kardashian’s curvy figure is so famous it’s even made headline news (‘Pregnant Kim shows her bump shocker!’) and David Beckham’s physique has been admired by men and women alike for years, even before that underwear advert came out. Beyonce came a close second to Kim Kardashian, voted best bum and legs, while in the male category Channing Tatum was hot on Beckham’s heels, winning best abs.


The study shows that our perception of beauty hasn’t changed since the 1950s, when curvy pin-up girls and men with a V-shaped, muscular shape were the epitome of the body beautiful. The reason for this is evolution.

On the most basic level, men are attracted to women that look fertile and vice versa. This means a low hip to waist ratio in women, which indicates a high level of oestrogen. When women go through puberty, they produce more oestrogen which means fat starts to deposit on their hips, bum, breasts and thighs, making the waist look smaller in comparison. So the small waist thing has nothing to do with body size- it’s about being in proportion.

In men, a high level of testosterone is indicated by a muscular upper body, a narrow pelvis and narrow hips. This is why V-shaped men like Daniel Craig, David Beckham and Channing Tatum are often asked to strip down to their boxers in adverts and magazine centrefold spreads… Science, you see.


As well as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez came high up on the public’s list of celebrities with the perfect figure (take a look at this infogram from to see who else everyone voted for), proving that as a nation we admire curvy, hourglass shapes in women.

beyonce vs jennifer

Women who aren’t an hourglass shouldn’t be put out- the nation’s ideal body type actually has nothing to do with being big-busted or bootylicious, it’s about being in proportion. The same goes for men too- don’t worry if you’re not ridiculously ripped like Daniel Craig or Channing Tatum. This study shows us that while fashion and cultural trends for shockingly thin models, plastic-looking Page 3 girls and monstrous body builders come and go, men and women will always prefer a healthy, natural figure.

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