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If you’ve been looking for the easiest way to organize and clean up your beauty regiment, you’ve come to the perfect place. We’ll show you how to effectively manage your makeup routine, saving you time, all the while keeping you looking beautiful and elegant!



First things first. Go through all your make-up and discard anything that is past it’s sell-by date. Be ruthless – you wouldn’t want to get an eye infection from that ancient wand of mascara, would you? Next, group all like items together, eye-shadows with eye shadows, lipsticks and glosses, pencils and liners, you get the picture. This will make it simple and easy for you to find everything you need fast!

What’s in your bag.

You really only need a few choice items to put your best face forward. Invest in a nude eyeshadow palette, and one smoky one for nighttime or special occasions. Foundation in two shades, one for summer, and one for winter. A blusher and bronzer, a lip stain for summertime, and creamier consistency lipstick for dryer months. A balm to moisturize your lips, protect them from wind and sun damage and keep them supple under your lip color, lip liners, eyeliners in both liquid and pencil for smudging and mascara. Invest in a powder to keep your makeup lasting longer and ‘setting’ well. Add to this your daily skin routine products including face wash, moisturizer, SPF, eye cream and toner and you’ll be good to go!


The routine!

Of course you can look up a celebrity like routine to  try and copy, or see makeup on someone at an awards show and want to copy it for a night out, but that would most likely not be your everyday routine. Follow these simple steps to a well polished you in no time at all and with very little effort!

  • Start clean! A clean face is key to having a palette that make-up can glide smoothly over. When i talk of clean, I also refer to skin that has well plucked/waxed brows that frame the face.

  • Tone. Use either a refreshing spray toner or a wipe off gentle toner that won’t irritate or dry your skin too much.

  • Moisturize and apply sunscreen on and around eyes, lips and your face and neck.

  • Apply foundation and concealer. Use a concealer brush to perfectly blend and layer the perfect amount of coverage over eyes to ‘hold’ your eyeshadow and brighten the eye area, under your eyes, over spots and marks, and to contour and highlight down your nose.

  • Then apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and lastly mascara. Curl your lashes for a face-opening, bright eyed look. Apply a highlighting color to the inside edges of your eyes. If you tend to get your eyeshadow all over your face, (and who hasn’t been there!) apply a gentle sweep of loose powder on your cheekbones to catch your eye makeup. If you have long eyelashes that tend to leave marks under your brow bone, either invest in a waterproof type or keep your eyes closed for a while after application to make sure that they dry properly.

  • Apply blusher to the apples or round area of your cheeks. Use a bronzer to highlight the areas of your face that the sun would naturally hit it in order to add warmth and contour.

  • After making sure that your lips are well moisturized and prepped, ie: no flaky skin, apply your lip liner, then your lipstick or stain and then your gloss! If you are going for a matte shade, blot and then powder, and then reapply your lipstick. Always, always do the lipstick on teeth check before you walk out the door!


Now you’re ready to head out! Once you get into this easy makeup routine it will become a habit and you will fly through it without thinking twice…but still look like you took hours to get ready.

Gwen Lewis is a journalist who lives in California. She has a passion for makeup and beauty and loves to share tips and tricks from her experience in the industry. She has her own makeup routine but every now and then she will add a new trend in and kick an old habit to the curb.

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