Good skin needs a good sleep

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It is very important to maintain good skin not only for you own personal happiness, but also feeling good boosts confidence increasing an endorphin release, boosting our mood. It is therefore important to look after your skin. Following a simple regime before bed will help your skin to remain acne free, allowing your body to radiate and shine not only on the inside but the outside too.

Deep cleanse beginner

Start your skin regime with a deep cleanse. Using a cleaning wipe with a slightly abrasive surface will help remove any trapped dirt in the pores, its important if your wear makeup to remove any residue left on the skin, leaving makeup provides an environment for bacteria to grow promoting acne. Alternatively you could use a cotton wool ball and a cleaning lotion, which can be bought, according to your skin type to remove residual oils, dirt and bacteria. Follow this ‘deep cleanse’ with a ‘toner’. Toners are often used, as they are believed to close pores. They are however, often high in alcohol content, which can be drying to your skin, so this may not be as appropriate if your skin is dry and needs hydration.

Dealing with problems

Alcohol can also exacerbate some forms of acne; your local pharmacist would be a good place to turn for advice on this, long-term antibiotics may be more appropriate for these patients. Of course, sometimes there’s nothing better than having a good sleep in a great bed and at Bedstar the comfort that they have on offer can help bring out the beauty in that face just as much as any facial product.   For those with a dry skin completion a moisturizer may be an appropriate final stage to a standard cleaning regime. Gently massage into the skin to leave it with a soft smooth complexion. Those with greasy skin may find moisturizes increase acne growth by providing a more greasy surface. If time is not of the essence facemasks, which can be washed off after 20 minutes will leave your skin feeling great.

Masking it up

Some natural homemade facemasks could include for oily skin a massed up banana, or strawberries mashed into yoghurt or for dryer skin complexions an avocado and honey mask would help to hydrate the skin. Some key things that you can do to help your skin throughout the day, is drink plenty of water, avoid excess salt, and get plenty rest. After all a good nights sleep instills concentration and prevents the feeling of sluggishness which in a round about way will boost your confidence and give your skin that natural glow which screams happiness.

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